Tomb of Emperor Nintoku

tomb of Emperor Nintoku

Daisen Kofun (the largest tomb in Japan) in Sakai, Osaka, is considered to be his final resting place. The actual site of Nintoku’s grave is not known.

Part of Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group

Discover the awe-inspiring Emperor Nintoku’s Mausoleum, a prominent feature within the Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group located just north of Sakai City, Japan. This monumental keyhole-shaped tomb stands as a testament to Japan’s ancient heritage and offers invaluable insights into the country’s rich history.

Explore the World’s Largest Keyhole-Shaped Tomb and the Legacy of Emperor Nintoku – Nintoku-Tenno-Ryo Kofun

Emperor Nintoku’s Mausoleum is renowned as the world’s largest keyhole-shaped tomb, showcasing the architectural prowess and cultural significance of Japan’s Kofun period. Despite the passage of centuries, this remarkable burial site continues to captivate visitors with its grandeur and historical importance.

Join us on a journey to explore the origins, cultural significance, and architectural marvels of Emperor Nintoku’s Mausoleum. Uncover the legacy of one of Japan’s most revered emperors and delve into the mysteries of ancient burial practices as we unravel the secrets of this iconic tomb. Embark on a fascinating exploration of Emperor Nintoku’s Mausoleum and delve into the heart of Japan’s ancient past.